First Tanmiah chicken best driver Award. Congratulations to Mr. Mustafa Ahmed for following Fraikin standards and wining the top position. Keep drive safely Fraikin you drive we cares!

Sustainable Development Award
The Sustainable Development Award was given to the company SAFETY KLEEN, which has been a supplier for FRAIKIN for over ten years. Through its activity, the group must control its environmental impact, promote green solutions, and operate in accordance with these values on a daily basis. SAFETY KLEEN helped FRAIKIN install degreasing fountains throughout its network of production shops. The solution is solvent free, meaning it doesn’t produce volatile organic compounds.

Innovation Award
The Innovation Award was presented to EXPEDICAR, a vehicle transport start-up. Expedicar and FRAIKIN just concluded a partnership to ship the group’s vehicles in France. This innovative solution means a vehicle’s availability is guaranteed at all times, allowing the company to be more responsive to its customers. Expedicar delivers vehicles to FRAIKIN throughout France using a variety of different solutions:

• private drivers registered with, a €1 car rental service with 300,000 users
• experienced professional drivers (350 transporters)
• car carriers

New Business Development Award
For the last category, New Business Development, the award was given to both DALBY, a major developer and producer of hydraulic arms, and SEMAT, a company specialised in the design and production of trash collection vehicles. Due to their effectiveness and fast response times, both companies contributed to the group’s success in their respective fields. “At FRAIKIN, the quality of our suppliers is essential to the group’s success and future. By establishing trust and openness, we built a relationship that is beneficial to both sides. Our suppliers allow us to provide our clients with a constant stream of innovative products and services. In turn, our partners need dependable stakeholders that are able to distribute their innovations and have a high capacity for development, just like us. It is through working together and thanks to their ability to listen, be proactive, and create innovations that we can build the future for FRAIKIN”, explains Pierre-Louis Colin, FRAIKIN’s Chairman of the Board.

« We ask a lot of our suppliers. We expect them to provide high-quality products and services and be very attentive to and in close contact with our market in order to help us improve lead times and always satisfy our clients. It’s quite natural then for us to recognise them whenever they provide us with the solutions that let us provide the best possible service to our clients”, adds Philippe Cuoc, Group Purchasing Director.